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In 2007, Cape Verde joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) and in 2008 the country graduated from Least Developed Country (LDC) to Middle Income Country (MIC) status. [63][64] Cabral Avenue, one of the main symbols of Cape Verde's development Cape Verde has significant cooperation with Portugal at every level of the economy, which has led it to link its currency first to the Portuguese escudo and, in 1999, to the euro. On 23 June 2008 Cape Verde became the 153rd member of the WTO. [65] In early January 2018, the government announced that the minimum wage would be raised to 13, 000 CVE (US$140 or EUR 130) per month, from 11, 000 CVE, which was effective in mid-January 2018.

[92] Other premium channels are available in Cape Verde, especially satellite network channels which are common in hotels and villas, though availability is otherwise limited. One such channel is RDP África, the African version of the Portuguese radio station RDP. As of early 2023, about 99% of the Cape Verdean population own an active cellular phone, 70% have access to the Internet, 11% own a landline telephone, and 2% subscribe to local cable TV. In 2003, Cape Verde had 71, 700 main line telephones with an additional 53, 300 cellular phones in use throughout the country. In 2004, there were seven radio stations, six independent and one state-owned. The media is operated by the Cape-Verdean News Agency (secondarily as Inforpress). Nationwide radio stations include RCV, RCV+, Radio Kriola, and the religious station Radio Nova. Local radio stations include Rádio Praia, the first radio station in Cape Verde; Praia FM, the first FM station in the nation; Rádio Barlavento, Rádio Clube do Mindelo and Radio Morabeza in Mindelo.

Cesária Évora was the best-known Cape Verdean singer in the world, known as the "barefoot diva, " because she liked to perform barefooted on stage. She was also referred to as "The Queen of Morna"[94] as opposed to her uncle Bana, who was referred to as "King of Morna". The international success of Cesária Évora has made other Cape Verdean artists, or descendants of Cape Verdeans born in Portugal, gain more space in the music market.

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[44] On Santiago, Santo Antão, and São Nicolau, arid slopes give way in places to sugarcane fields or banana plantations spread along the base of towering mountains. [44] Ocean cliffs have been formed by catastrophic debris landslides. [48] According to the president of Nauru, in 2011 Cape Verde was ranked the eighth most endangered nation due to flooding from climate change. [49] Climate[edit] Cape Verde's climate is milder than that of the African mainland because the surrounding sea moderates temperatures on the islands and cold Atlantic currents produce an arid atmosphere around the archipelago. Conversely, the islands do not receive the upwelling (cold streams) that affect the West African coast, so the air temperature is cooler than in Senegal, but the sea is warmer. Due to the relief of some islands, such as Santiago with its steep mountains, the islands can have orographically induced precipitation, allowing rich woods and luxuriant vegetation to grow where the humid air condenses soaking the plants, rocks, soil, logs, moss, etc.

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In 1951, Cape Verde was incorporated as an overseas department of Portugal, but its inhabitants continued to campaign for independence, which they achieved in 1975. Since the early 1990s, Cape Verde has been a stable representative democracy and has remained one of the most developed and democratic countries in Africa.

[citation needed] Music[edit] The Cape Verdean people are known for their musicality, well expressed by popular manifestations such as the Carnival of Mindelo. Cape Verde music incorporates "African, Portuguese and Brazilian influences. "[93] Cape Verde's quintessential national music is the morna, a melancholy and lyrical song form typically sung in Cape Verdean Creole. The most popular music genre after morna is the coladeira, followed by funaná and batuque music.

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When it came to higher education, 9% of Cape Verdean men and 8% of Cape Verdean women held a bachelor's degree or had attended universities. The overall college education rate (i. e., college graduates and undergraduate students) in Cape Verde is about 24%, of the local college-age population. [87] The total expenditure on education was 5. 6% of GDP (2010). The mean years of schooling of adults over 25 years is 12. These trends were held in 2017. Cape Verde stands out in West Africa for the quality and inclusiveness of its higher education system.

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[62] Between 2000 and 2009, real GDP increased on average by over seven percent a year, well above the average for Sub-Saharan countries and faster than most small island economies in the region. Strong economic performance was bolstered by one of the fastest growing tourism industries in the world, as well as by substantial capital inflows that allowed Cape Verde to build up national currency reserves to the current 3. 5 months of imports. Unemployment has been falling rapidly, and the country is on track to achieve most of the UN Millennium Development Goals – including halving its 1990 poverty level.

[19] In the 16th century, the archipelago prospered from the Atlantic slave trade. [19] Pirates occasionally attacked the Portuguese settlements. Francis Drake, an English privateer, twice sacked the (then) capital Ribeira Grande in 1585 when it was a part of the Iberian Union. [19] After a French attack in 1712, the town declined in importance relative to nearby Praia, which became the capital in 1770. [19] The decline in the slave trade in the 19th century resulted in an economic crisis. Cape Verde's early prosperity slowly vanished.

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[85] Although most children have access to education, some problems remain. [85] For example, there is insufficient spending on school materials, lunches, and books. [85] As of October 2016, there were 69 secondary schools throughout the archipelago (including 19 private secondary schools) and at least 10 universities in the country, which are based on the two islands of Santiago and São Vicente. In 2015, 23% of the Cape Verdean population had either attended or graduated from secondary schools.

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02 27 (top 14%) 2017 Democracy Index 7. 88 (Flawed democracy) 1 (top 13%) 2 (top 4%) 26 (top 13%) 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index 59 38 (top 19%) Index of Economic Freedom[36] 66. 5 57 (top 28%) e-Government Readiness Index 0. 3551 14 (top 26%) 127 (top 63%) Failed States Index 74. 1 8 (top 15%) 93 (top 46%)[F] Networked Readiness Index 3. 8 7 (top 13%) 87 (top 43%) 2015[37] A See List of countries by Human Development Index § Africa B 1/1 is the highest possible rating. C With the maximum score, Cape Verde shares first place with Portugal.

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